How do I create a Plan?

Creating a plan or subscription.

How do I create a Plan?

  1. Once your provider account setup is complete, select Provider Portal in the menu header, then select "Create Plan".

  2. After selecting "Create Plan," you will be directed to your services listing. This is where you will manage the service items you intend to offer to the consumers. Select "Add New Services" to update your listing accordingly and edit the templated service items as needed. When done, select " Create Plan" to proceed with plan setup and creation. Note: Item IDs and Item Name should match what you have in your business management system (i.e, EMR/EHR, etc.) and the pricing should match your current list price per item. 

  3. In the next screen, create your new plan by entering the name, details, a photo, and select the quantity and frequency of the services you will want to offer. The app will calculate the total a-la-carte cost of the items you have selected for the plan. You get to decide what you want to charge monthly for this plan and the app will automatically calculate the discount you are offering. You can also select if you want this plan to auto-renew and to which plan it should renew after the plan period. There are other options such as "Pay Plan In full" and a discount for payment in full. 

  4. When done, save your plan and “Enable” your plan from the "My Plans" page when it's ready to be offered to the consumers.  That’s it, you are done!